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So uh. Hi.

I haven't been proud of anything I've made in a very long time.


I guess this is a start.

...Yeah, I broke hiatus just to post that. I'm going to re-vanish for a bit more, life stuff still isn't sorted yet.

Hi kids, I'm a dumbass.

FML, been really down about school stuff as of late. However...

There's cosplay shit all over the office floor and I accidentally left my deodorant in my car after the Hetalia picnic and it melted everywhere EW it's disgusting it's all over my toiletries, grosssssss, but at least it's not on my clothes, so HA.

OH BEETEEDUBS the picnic went great. The pavilion next to us had a bunch of girl scouts bridging, and one of the little girls was like "why do they get a bigger flag than us?" because they just had little ones. Lawl.

I think my speech went over pretty well. I derp'd on the last paragraph and forgot what I was going to say, so I was just kind of like "UH...HONOUR OUR FALLEN HEROES AND BE TOLERANT, BECAUSE LOVE IS STRONGER THAN HATE, MMKAY?" only I didn't say it like that, I was more sincere and used more ARTICULATE WERDS and stuff. Canada also gave a really touching speech and I almost cried and it took SO MUCH EFFORT for me to not get up and hug her in the middle of the speech, I was so moved.

So yeah, the picnic was hosted by Florida Hetalians Unite!, an open facebook group for anybody who loves APH to come out and do stupid shit with us. If you live in Florida and you like APH, YOU SHOULD JOIN IT, hint hint.


Annddddd, some of my favourites, with stupid captions and stuff UNDER THE CUT.Collapse )

Anyway HERP A DERP, this weekend I'll be AMERICA from APH ON FRIDAY, RUSSIA from APH ON SATURDAY, and KYLE from South Park ON SUNDAY. (They're links, bras, they show you what I look like. Kinda.) If you see me on Saturday, I'll have a big basket of ITTY BITTY SUNFLOWERS. If you agree to become one with Russia, I'll give you one! <3 Actually if you just talk to me I'll probably give you one, you don't even have to really agree.

Saturday was amazing. We had food, a cute little memorial service, and lots of fagtastic funtimes.

So um, I hope this vid is public, so you can all watch me be a gigantic dork.

And here's another where everyone just kind of is yelling more than they're dancing. I was laughing too hard to really...do...anything.

I was also dared to fall to my knees and ADMIT I'M NOT THE HERO.
That said, does anyone know how to download vids from facebook, so I can download this and orient it properly?
"Why would you do that to America, you selfish, heartless people, you!"

I'll...write...something later. I have a lot of stuff going on in my brain right now. Cosplay is really my only major vent at the moment, so I've been pouring all of my heart and energy into it, it takes my mind off of all the stress that school and some tough decisions have been giving me.
I really thought about retiring my America costume after this event, because it's REALLY ghetto, and there's several WAY better America cosplayers in the Tampa/Orlando areas, but everyone was so excited to see me, and I was really surprised by all the reactions. And no one seemed bothered that when the heat got to me, I shed my "uniform" in favour of a tee shirt, and afterwards I got some compliments on how in-character I was. <3 

So bright and vivid~

Though I do doubt that I have any stalkers, I'M INTERESTED.

Uh...I'm going through a big transitional period. Trying to change my major, I'll probably have to do five years of college or something, and I AM worried, but my teachers were really supportive of me, Cooksey especially, was telling me that "Lots of Juniors freak out right about now," so it's not as big of a deal as I think it is but I can't help but be very...PANICPANIC OHGAWD. I'm just kind of afraid of telling my mom about this, guh, she's going to give me such an earful.

On the upside, UHHHH, I had a fun weekend. <3 Hung out with some other hetaliafags (pics to come later), and...

Lol I am slow.

THANKS EVERYBODY WHO REPLIED TO MY RP Q AND A JOURNALLLLL. MY TEACH WAS REALLY IMPRESSED (even though I edited a lot of it)  AND I REALLY SRSLY APPRECIATE IT. I appreciate it enough to abbreviate words!

I've still been reading my Flist like a super creeper, so even though I don't comment, I'm ALL OVER YOUR JOURNALS. I know what's going down.

Uhhhh stuff that's happened. International Cosplay Day was the 27th, and Alexis (South Italllyyyy~) invited me over for some shenanigans. My Russia cosplay isn't actually done in these, but I put a bunch of stupid videos she took with my camera on youtube. I had no idea she was recording most of them, but that's PROBABLY GOOD BECAUSE MY RUSSIAN ACCENT IS THE WORST FAKE ACCENT YOU'VE EVER HEARD, so it's not really in any of these.

Lawl retarded videos.Collapse )

Um, other things. Other things. HOPEFULLY I will get a haircut today, and I'm going to Tampa to visit some hetaliafags tomorrow. I'm actually really excited because these are some more new friends who I kinda "MADE ALL BY MAHSELF." As in...I dunno, they started talking to me on sheer factor of how cool I am, rather than the fact that I'm OH VANI'S ROOMMATE. (I love Ash to bits, really, REALLY I DO, she's superawesome, but it's frustrating and really fucked me up for the first half of the summer because I was just "Vani's roommate" to all of the furries, and it was like...HI I'M MUR. I HAVE A NAME. I AM INTERESTING AND FUN, YES? I DRAW TEAM FORTRESS SHIT, I'M COOL, RIGHT?) 

Uh, and in regards to all of that reposting stuff, UHHHH, yeah I hope you guys know I won't repost any of your stuff to my twatter or book of face or anything, and I hope you guys don't repost mine. (EXCEPT for that one chick we're always making fun of, I repost her things to twitter all the time BUT SHE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE ME FRIENDED ON HERE SO LAWL.) BUT WHY IS EVERYONE FREAKING OUT ABOUT THIS I THOUGHT IT WAS JUST COMMON COURTESY OR SOME SHIT. Reposting anyone's F-locked stuff ANYWHERE is just like...super-un-awesome.

Hey Roleplayers! Halp a Mur out?

 For Game Design, I'm doing some research about using roleplaying as (almost a subculture, and) a basis for gaming experiences, so I'd like some of your opinions, because so far it's just been me blabbing about everything, and I want to know how some other players feel. Feel free to answer any or all of the questions I've come up with, whatever. 

SERIOUSLY you don't need to answer all of these just TELL ME HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT THE STUFF. 

What are you looking for when you seek out games for RP? Are you there for laughs, plot, angst, or something else? Basically, what draws you to a game? On that note, what drives you AWAY from a bad game?

Do you prefer fandom characters to original characters, or vice-versa? Why?

Is there any sort of RP you consider to be superior/inferior/just plain weird? 
(Do you love LARP, but think IM rp is stupid, or ADORE prose, and not see the point of first-person style, etc?)

What makes a great or respectable player good? Why are some players more popular than others, in your opinion? 

Where do you place the In-character/Out-of-character line? 
(Interpret this HOWEVER YOU WISH.)

THANKS SO MUCH IN ADVANCE TO ANYBODY WHO ANSWERS ME~<3 OH, and anon is enabled, in case you feel like being ranty, but don't want anyone to see your name. I REALLY WON'T MIND. LIKE, AT ALL. I just want opinions. 

(And now I'm off to take a nap! Maybe I'll be on later tonight!)
 Since there was that massive TL;DR entry that always comes after a con yesterday, you know what's there today. PHOTOS, many of which I didn't take. The majority of the photobucket ones are from my camera, but not all of them. Some of them were yoinked from other kids on DA and Facebook. BECAUSE I'M A DWEEB.

If you want to skip the stupid commentary and just browse ALL of the photos, GO HERE.


 So...Thursday was not a good day for me. Even after my car crash, my day got worse (if you saw my tweets, MUCH worse), and I had a lot of trouble sleeping. I had fun hanging out with Sammy before leaving, but she got tired real fast, and I was still stressed out from the awful day I had. 

Cut for the obligatory con blah blah blah, and "England, why do you always cry during sex?" Collapse )

This month, I'll be cutting back as much as possible and only buying the bare minimum of supplies to make sure I can still get to AWA. After all, the room is already paid for, so even with Ash's...tight financial state, we're determined to go. We talked it over, and when I say "Better than Christmas," I mean...we're going to dread Christmas, so we might as well have fun for this instead. That, and I may be taking my China, who sends the BEST in-character texts and makes me feel loved when I'm quite down.

Shenanigans is one of my favourite words.

Writing out my AFO con report. It's...really long. I didn't take many pictures at this con, probably because I was a little more busy having SHENANIGANS than taking pictures of said shenanigans. Butttt, that'll come later. In the meantime...something I stole from pyro .

► post this into your lj publicly.
► others will reply anonymously (if they'd like) with what they really think of you.
► cry, because this meme is so brutal, and it hurts.

Feel free to rip me apart as much as you want. I haven't had an anon post in awhile, so...go for it, I guess? I know I haven't been active much lately except for CRAZYCONFLAILING, but whatever. 
ANON SHOULD BE ON AND IP LOGGING OFF AND ALL THAT, if it's not, I'm a big derp and feel free to yell at me for it. Hurr durr. 

~Derp Dogs with Heart~

Hey everyone, and anyone who has been linked to this entry. Thanks for taking the time to look into it.

My roommate, Ash, also known as Vani to most of the internet, has fallen on some serious hard times. I don't know how much she's comfortable with me saying publicly, so let me just say that this is a very unexpected hardship, and I want to raise some money for her so she can stay down here in Florida with the people who really care about her and continue going to school, rather than going back to Alabama to be miserable and alone. This year of school has already been paid for, but the problem is living expenses. She's my roommate and my best friend, a great person who is incredibly talented and deserves to stay where she belongs. I want to help her stay on her feet while she catches up on commissions before she can start supporting herself again.

That's why myself and her other super-amazing-wonderful friend djsammehfox , have started a donation drive to help her out.

The paypal is here:

Any amount of money is greatly appreciated, even a teeny tiny bit, and I'm willing to do headshot sketches or derpy doodles for people who over $5 USD. I'll throw some color on them if you donate over $20!
djsammehfox is also willing to offer icons. SHE'S A PRETTY AMAZING ARTIST, SO YOU SHOULD DONATE, YEP.

I'm also thinking of auctioning off THIS spycrab plush (as seen at Metrocon 2010, AFO 11, and on TF2chan.net!) to help her out. His legs are somewhat poseable, and his front claws have magnets in them so you can stick him to things, as seen in this entry. If he sells for enough, (I'm thinking over $100 or something,) I'll make and AND INCLUDE A BLU counterpart for him, made in the same fashion with the same materials, only blue. THAT'S TWO HANDMADE SPYCRABS. HOLY CRAP, YOU KNOW YOU WANT THEM.

If you can't donate or offer anything for those who give donations, PLEASE pimp this post out!
More information will be added soon, so keep checking back!

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